If you wish to join the coalition, as an organisation or an expert, please consult the statutes and contact us at icasm.network@gmail.com

Statutes of The Bodyguards

Statutes of The Bodyguards - Version 2021-07-28
Multi coloured books on a dark wooden background illustrating the Statutes of The Bodyguards

There shall be established between the adherents to the present statutes an international coalition for genital autonomy and the abandonment of sexual mutilation with the following name “The Bodyguards”.

AIM – The Bodyguards’ aim is to bring an end to any modification of a sexual organ or sex characteristic carried out on an individual without their free and informed consent and without medical necessity. Consent implies that the subject is not in a situation of psychological or physical weakness, that is, in a condition that could alter their judgment. The subject must have sufficient knowledge of the scientific elements for their consent to be free and fully informed. This requires comprehensive information on possible therapeutic alternatives, as well as their risks and consequences.

The Bodyguards also aims to provide support to sufferers of sexual modification. This support can be psychological or physical, such as restorative or regenerative therapies. It must include legal support in order to obtain justice and reparation.

PURPOSE – The Bodyguards’ ethical framework prioritizes the alleviation of suffering, and as such, it aims to end all physical and psychological suffering associated with modification of a sexual organ without consent, and especially that inflicted on children.

The Bodyguards is composed of organizations or experts. Expert members do not have the right to vote.

Membership must be validated by The Bodyguards.

Membership is free.

Membership is lost by:

  • resignation;
  • expulsion by The Bodyguards.

The Bodyguards may join other associations, unions or groupings by its own decision.

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