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road to action public actions of the bodyguards

May 2020 – 1st symposium of The Bodyguards on the occasion of WWDOGA 2020

The 1st symposium of The Bodyguards was held in the framework of the WWDOGA on 30 and 31 May 2020.

Saturday May 30

Preventing suffering: the core of ethics 

Jonathan Leighton, PhD – Executive Director, Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS)

Some publications:

Circumcision is not reciprocal for penile hygiene

Circumcision is not reciprocal for penile hygiene 

Preputial Distinction 

Preputial Distinction 

Phimosis. New Insights - M A Baky Fahmy

M A Baky Fahmy – Emeritus Professor of Pediatric Surgery at Al Azher University, Cairo, Egypt (Additional June 28 event)

Some publications:

First illustrative textbook dealing with all aspects of the prepuce in male and female in normal status and in different diseases

MOGiS presentation 

Victor Schiering – MOGiS (Germany)

Intaction presentation

Anthony Losquadro – Intaction (USA)

Intakt Norden presentation

Johan Nyman – Intakt Norden (Finland)

Global Strategy - Guy Sinden & Marieke Silvere - Droit au Corps (Francophonie)

What is our major challenge in the medium term? Muslim circumcision. Faced with a global issue where intactivist organizations are politically weak, it is desirable to be part of a broad global alliance. In the path of compassion, an Appeal to open a public debate on the conditions for consent to circumcision is our advocacy strategy, in the prospect of forming lateral alliances with many other causes.

Guy Sinden & Marieke Silvere – Droit au Corps (Francophonie)

Squaring the circle - David Smith - 15 Square (UK)

15 Square gives foreskin health information and advice to intact men and provides information for men with circumcision issues. This information is also available to parents and carers.

We teach about conservative techniques to help avoid unnecessary circumcision and help assist men who have been harmed.

Intactivist Strategy - Brendon Marotta - Filmmaker, author, and public speaker

How to Win the Game of Intactivism and End Circumcision.

Brendon Marotta – filmmaker, author, and public speaker

The Intactivist Guidebook, 2020 – Read the first chapter for free here

Foreskin Revolution - Thriving via collective intelligence and global partnerships

Michael Winnel, leader of the Foreskin Revolution, presents on the journey that led to his destiny meeting core organisations that were to become the foundations of The Bodyguards.

Michael Winnel – Foreskin Revolution (Australasia)

Sunday May 31

Prepuce: The Skin Bank

Amilal Bhat – Senior Professor and Head Dept of urology Principal and Controller JNU Hospital Jaipur, India – Researchgate & Sehat

Absence of Evidence is Not Evidence of Absence

Jason Metters – Future Choices (UK)

Male circumcision is a crime and slander against Islam

We believe that spreading awareness in the long term is the way to stop child abuse, and this will only be done by constructively and peacefully combining societal groups, based on human rights and human principles so that the child can have a healthy and intact body.

ختان الذكور جريمة وافتراء على الإسلام

Genital Autonomy Society presentation

The Genital Autonomy Society website and database was developed with the vision of being a social network that did not have the problems of existing social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc.).

John Adkison – Genital Autonomy Society (USA)

Cockfight presentation

Brett Johnson & Luke Artanis – Cockfight (USA)

The coalition promotes the World Wide Day of Genital Autonomy

The World Wide Day of Genital Autonomy (WWDOGA) is a campaign day to promote genital autonomy, especially of infants, initiated by the German “Facharbeitskreis Beschneidungsbetroffener im MOGiS e.V.”. Since 2013, it is celebrated on each 7 May in many countries.
This date has been chosen because on May 7, 2012, the District Court of Cologne (Germany) has judged for the first time in Germany, that the non medical circumcision of male children is an assault.

Beyond its members, the Coalition strongly urges all its supporters to commemorate WWDOGA with a local action and to promote WWDOGA on their websites, to their network of alliances, to investigative reporters and to local media outlets (TV, radio, newspaper, etc).

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